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For those who wish to read more about historiography and academic eccentricity, here’s a sample of my publications

Articles in peer-reviewed journals:

“The International Historical Institutes in Rome and their Scientific and Political Roles c. 1880-1914.” In Storia della Storiografia, 2 (2013): 37-60.

“Paratexts and Footnotes in Historical Narrative: Henry Biaudet and scholarly and nationalistic ambitions of historical research 1902-1915.” In Scandinavian Journal of History, 4 (2012): 407-429.

Scientific monograph:

Lähteiden lumoamat: Henry Biaudet, Liisi Karttunen ja suomalainen historiantutkimus Roomassa 1900-luvun alussa. Helsinki: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, 2011. With an English summary: Enchanted by Sources: Henry Biaudet, Liisi Karttunen and Finnish Historical Research in Rome in the Early Twentieth Century.

Outreach efforts:

“Ei vain kertomus menneestä: paratekstien käyttö 1800-luvun brittiläisissä historiantutkimuksissa” at The Academy Club for Young Scientists (Finnish Academy of Science and Letters) in February 2014:

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